Reebok 3D OP.98

Reebok asked Tangent Design to build energy and excitement around the Reebok brand and its relaunch and evolution of the OPUS franchise. To develop appreciation and cultural understanding around the design and manufacture process. To celebrate the pioneering spirit from which these shoes originated. The story of the 3D OP.98 is a story that every pioneer knows: every creative is born from chaos.

Radical, Bauhaus inspired design solutions that only featured the essential elements of the sole. The 3D Opus was a sneaker unlike any other – not just a new shoe but a new species of shoe, an evolution. A legacy that the 3D OP.98 continues A classic created by pioneers Reborn for pioneers A sneaker born from chaos

Key Visuals

The campaign focuses on the journey of the ‘3D OP.98’ shoe from past to present. Visually we sequenced and layered frames which denote characteristics of the ‘3D OP.98’ Shoe. The trainer is rising/elevating through time.

As the perspective warps and shifts, it reveals the contextual elements of the shoe, such as the Graphlite pattern and nods to the original ‘98’ advert. This links the shoe from its original conception in ‘98’ to the re-issued 2018 silhouette.

Campaign Imagery

We focus on the model in motion complimenting the ‘Journey Concept.’ whilst keeping streetwear fashion styling. A sense of attitude, it is graphic, energetic with focus on motion and character personality. Cinematographic aspect, using crops and bold silhouettes which hero the shoe.

Campaign Documentary

A beautiful view into the manufacture of the 3D OP.98.

Product Imagery

The ’98 classic created by pioneers. Only essential elements, harnessing the split-tooling system. Graphlite, strong, light and flexible composite sole that replaces conventional rubber and foam. 3D Ultralite material mixes midsole and outsole, forming a lightweight injection-molded unit. Chaos controlled and constructed to premium effect. Complete yet incomplete – performance born from chaos.

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