Reebok 3D OP.LITE

Reebok asked Tangent Design to build energy and excitement around the Reebok brand and its relaunch and evolution of the OPUS franchise. To develop appreciation and cultural understanding around the design and manufacture process. To celebrate the pioneering spirit from which these shoes originated. 3D OP.LITE was stage 2 in the OPUS story…

Designed from the undefined. 3D OP.LITE harnesses the chaotic origins of all creativity. Creative – Chaos – Inspiration. Through layers of unpredictable inspiration. The Opus is reborn. A unique identity. Evolve through chaos.

Brand Film

Inspired by an original quote by Thomas Mann and evolved for now by poetic rapper Che Lingo. The film takes us to 4 different worlds: Creative, Chaos, Inspiration & The New Opus. The worlds are interwoven to showcase the journey through a chaotic, inspirational world to the final creation. A bold mix of different kinds of CGI and live action shots – utilising chaotic textures, structures and symbolic imagery to tell the story.

Key Visuals

Built from 3D CGI assets from the campaign film and photographic footwear fabric samples which flow around the shoe – these continue the OPUS evolution story, with a best foot and sole forward attitude.

Campaign imagery

Key photographic style is based on shooting from below the model, which heroes the sole unit. The unusual perspective, poses, and angles create strong graphic forms and communicates the chaotic feel of the overall campaign.

Campaign Documentary

In the late 80’s a handful of restless designers and product developers at Reebok felt sneaker design, in general, was becoming ordinary. They split from the main business to create Reebok Advanced Concepts, an innovation lab where pioneers made the rules, ordinary was the enemy, and chaos reigned supreme. We documented informal discussions and interviews with 2 original members of the RAC and with the designer they inspired today – they talk passionately about the creation of an opus, the hard work, the frustrations, the inspirations – the designers' craft.

Film breakdown

Product imagery


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