Reebok Club Workout Launch

In 1987, the ‘Club Workout’ was designed merging the Club C’s sole unit and the upper of the Workout Lo Clean and although it was ready for market, it never saw the light of day… until 2017.

It may have taken 30 years, but in 2017, the ‘Club Workout’ was revived and Tangent were tasked with creating an event to launch the campaign to a modern day audience.

Reebok Club Workout Launch

The launch fused youth culture, hip-hop and the Grime scene in a celebration of musical and visual storytelling. The main event, designed and produced by Tangent, was held at AirSpace Brixton and was designed to be a space full of moments the audience would want to capture and share. Tangent worked with Radar Radio’s Kenny Allstar to curate the evening and were responsible for negotiating and managing all talent which included special performances from Grime artist Ghetts and rappers Young T & Bugsy to give the evening an exclusive, intimate feel.

The venue was dressed with black electric tape to give the feeling of a space that had been stuck together, reflecting the design ethos of the Club Workout. Further nods to the concept came via a Triptych Photobooth that took three individual frames of the audiences head, body and footwear and stuck them together. The photographic content was given in a static and gif format to encourage social sharing. The success and popularity of the campaign has been attributed as a direct factor to the successful sales of the Club Workout shoe.

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