Love the distortion in this. Ran Park explores the chaos of "Konglish" in a new zine

calWed, Sep 16 clock about 31 days ago

We would like to welcome our 3 new members to the Tangent team - Simon, Nina & Lucy #growing

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These 8 Photographers Captured the Youth Culture of the ’90s via @artsy

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RT @MediaCityUK: Not a cloud in sight this morning! @DeepEastMusic are here 12-3 giving away FREE ice cream in the piazza. Who's in? https:…

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RT @tomcrabtree: Anyone know the designer of this poster?

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I just backed With Love Project - Hardbound Book on @kickstarter

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Amazing to see #bbcmicrobit shortlisted for best website at the Prolific North Awards 2016.

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BBC News - Can the Micro Bit inspire a million?

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Proud to be partners of the #bbcmicrobit. Celebrating the official launch at the London stock exchange.

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RT @selfmadeheroes: @TangentDesign - 1 million of these landing tomorrow!

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