@InspiredGoodbye I will be passing by yours just before lunch so save us the best ones!!!

calThu, May 15 clock about 14 days ago

Tangent are Twitfaced!!!!

calFri, May 15 clock about 19 days ago

calFri, May 15 clock about 20 days ago

RT @Creative_Boom: Inspirational abstract patterns taken from everyday life

calWed, Mar 15 clock about 63 days ago

RT @RClassicsUK: We continue our work with The RigOut and RSA Films, by taking the Classic story to the land of opportunity, the USA. https

calThu, Mar 15 clock about 70 days ago

If you are looking at starting a business in Stockport worth looking into -

calWed, Feb 15 clock about 113 days ago

Power back on at 2pm this afternoon, guess what off again at 5pm!!! Fingers crossed for tomorrow

calMon, Feb 15 clock about 114 days ago

Power down at tangent at the moment, hopefully back on within the hour!!

calMon, Feb 15 clock about 115 days ago

@InspiredGoodbye hope you have a fantastic show, see you when you get back home

calSat, Jan 15 clock about 116 days ago

A warm welcome to our latest addition to the Tangent design team Lee Thomas who joins us officially 1st Feb

calFri, Jan 15 clock about 132 days ago