We are Tangent.

We don’t believe in good. We believe in great.
Great ideas and beautiful work. Lovingly crafted.
Helping brands tell their stories across multiple touchpoints.

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Creative ingenuity

We create ways to give audiences a deeper and more personal experience of your brand.

This could be anything from a physical space, to retail windows and interiors designed for maximum impact. Or, brand collateral such as ads, brochures and look books. Whatever the vehicle you need to connect, we are happy to devise it.

Branding expertise

Whether you’re a familiar established business or an exciting new start-up, we can bring more impact to your brand projection. And that includes everything from naming and strategy, to brand evolution and delivery.

We love launching new products and services through punchy campaigns underpinned by sharp brand thinking. Take a look at our BBC micro:bit case study to see what we mean.

Digital brilliance

We do digital brilliantly.

From crafting User Experiences that are the essence of simplicity - to developing complex back-end platforms, web applications and e-commerce sites that would make normal minds boggle.

Our Clients

Our Clients

We Understand

No-one likes to be misunderstood. So we don’t do anything until we know you, and the people you’re speaking to inside out. What you think, what you feel – and what they want.

We Create

We begin by searching for mould-breaking ideas inspired by the truth at the heart of your business. Ideas that capture the spirit behind your organisation and the aspirations that drive you. Once we have these, we tell your story in amazing ways. 

We Connect

A connection has to be more than just a hello.
It must be a memorable experience that paves the way for a meaningful relationship. Whatever your audience is doing,
wherever they’re doing it, we’ll find a way to reach them.

We Deliver

We work with you to maximise your business impact – whether that’s raising awareness, changing perceptions or stimulating people to click through to purchase of products and services. 

Case Studies

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